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Not surprisingly perhaps, given its location, the 30,000 or so inhabitants that occupy Gibraltar's 2.56 square miles represent one of the most culturally diverse communities to be found almost anywhere in the world, a thriving, mercantile collective that have all but shrugged off the recessive economic trends of the majority of other European states, so much so in fact that Gibraltar now occupies its place comfortably within the list of the world's top ten wealthiest countries, on a "per capita" basis.

With GDP figure for 2012 that showed a growth of 7.8% and budget surplus, full employment and public debt at less than 50% of GDP, Gibraltar can rightly boast that it is well positioned to meet the challenges faced by the majority of modern day societies.

So when one takes into account Gibraltar's international reputation as a centre of Financial Services, of Banking, Insurance, Trust and Asset Management etc its commercial significance in relation to all manner of maritime related industries, and the arrival, in the last few years or so, of some of the most prestigious names in the "online" entertainment business, it's not hard to see why Gibraltar currently stands "head and shoulders" above the rest when it comes to gainful employment and the furthering of one's professional ambitions.




Gibraltar’s pro-active, forward thinking economic perspective offers certain fiscal benefits that are as advantageous, as they are unique to this culturally diverse community.


Gibraltar offers an enviable lifestyle with exceptional weather,a range of cultural, entertainment and sporting activities,low income tax (and no VAT) and low cost of living made even cheaperfor those wishing to live on the Spanish mainland (a 10 minute walk away).


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