Trust and Company Management

Often a property purchase does not represent a simple one off transaction, but increasingly forms an important element of a wider investment strategy and wealth management structure. The use of Trusts and Corporate vehicles in such structures is common to maximise asset protection, security, and tax mitigation.

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Gibraltar with it’s UK derived common law provides a familiar, safe and reliable jurisdiction in which to establish and manage such vehicles and to take advantage of the common types of structuring which underpins modern Wealth Management.

Savills Gibraltar has worked and forged links with many Lawyers, Accountants and Trust Companies over many years of helping clients to acquire and sell properties as part of wealth management structures. Savills Gibraltar has extensive experience of working with Aquarius Trust Company Limited and trust the team at Aquarius Trust Limited to deliver all the elements of modern Wealth Management including legal, tax, financial and fiduciary services to corporate and private investors alike.

Aquarius Trust Company Limited is licensed to provide Professional Trusty and Company Management Services by the Financial Services Commission Gibraltar, under license number FSC00531B. Aquarius Trust Company Limited has implemented International Quality & Environmental Management Standards in accordance with ISO9001:2008 and ISO14000:2004.

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