Spotlight: London Residential Development

Why and how can retail and leisure uses drive residential value and create successful places? How can we better use London’s space to build more homes?

What retail occupiers need from their space is changing, driven by the rise of online shopping and growing consumer demand for more experiential environments.

With these changing needs comes an opportunity to intensify existing retail locations across London. It is well understood that London is not building enough homes. Intensification of retail sites provides a significant opportunity to deliver more homes for Londoners at price points that are affordable to many.

Despite changing consumer behaviour, retail still has a vital role to play in London. Our research shows a clear relationship between a high quality of retail/leisure and successful residential. This highlights the importance of carefully provisioning these lifestyle uses to build a sense of place and genuine amenity for residents, locals and the wider community.

A well-curated retail and leisure offering, partnered with quality residential, is key to helping developers execute their mixed-use vision of vibrant, lively places.

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